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released February 1, 2011



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BRUIN San Diego, California

BRUIN was formed over a chat session and subsequent track exchanges between vocalist, guitarist Dominic Fawcett and beatsmith Nick McClure. Their first album Seasons of Us was released shortly thereafter and they began touring. Their follow up release D'Nealian dropped in 2014. They also DJ, contributing remixes and mashups via soundcloud. Their mixtape series Thug Wave has recieved rave reviews. ... more


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Track Name: Spring
There's a new pulse that beats inside of me
And the smell of your body girl makes me go crazy
And that look in your eyes babe is my new drugs
Cause this brand new feeling seems bigger than us (Yeah it's bigger than us)

Everything right now seems so fresh and clean
All of our past is behind us it's just you and me
Now I see inside where good things come
And I don't know what to do with all this love (With all this love)
Track Name: Summer Daze
I'll run my hand through your hair and later we'll
talk it over
But for right now let's just drink this
day away
We can just clasp our hands and run into
the ocean
Forget our problems
and pretend they've gone away

You and me babe we can
party through the summer
Rock out every night
and sleep the day away
Soon enough we'll be too old and
this will all be over
You and I won't settle down
at least we had these summer daze
at least we had these summer daze
Track Name: Autumn
The leaves have changed and so has the look inside your eyes
And it seems that our actions come with no surprise
But darlin please don't be scared of what we are
This is the time where things feel like they've fallen apart (Hold On)

I know we're a little too young but who gives a shit
I can hold onto this if you're up for it
But baby please don't look at me like I'm dying with you
Just hold on tight and I promise we can make it through (Hold On)

I come home late and you're staying with a friend
Your words say that we'll be fine but your actions breath the end
Winter is coming soon and I wish it was spring again
So much change has happened I don't know who I am (Hold On)
(Hold On)
(Hold On)
Track Name: Winter
These winter nights bring out this chill that's inside of me
And your ghostly eyes got me sleepin till half past three
And one more thing do you even still think of me
It's over
Our game is over
I'm out the door

We used to run this town and walk around so hapily
But things have changed and there's new distance from you to me
Everything seemed fine until one day it hit me
My Lover
She's found another
She's gone away